Forebearing- patience

Benjamin brought a secret box from home. He said whoever could open it could have the treasure inside. We all tried to open it, even Mrs Stott! None of us have yet shown the patience to find the trick to get the box open.


Sunset silhouettes

After reading ‘Meerkat Mail’ we were inspired to make some African sunset pictures. First we worked on designing our silhouette design. Next we made a sunset using pastels. Finally we painted out silhouette design onto the sunset using black paint.

Here are a few of the finished pieces.


Habitat survey


As part of our habitats work we have completed two habitat surveys. First we had a visit from the RSPB and surveyed the school grounds for its potential for wildlife.


On our survey short grass appeared quite a lot. We decided to have a closer look and found out that actually there were many species of plants on the school field, not just grass! These included clover, plantain, buttercup and yarrow.

Joshua’s crazy maths trick

Joshua asked me to write any 5 digit number in the middle box.

He them guessed the total he would make by adding together five 5 digit numbers and wrote it on a piece of paper.

I was then asked to write the numbers 0-9 in top two rows in any order.

Finally he completed the bottom two rows adding the digits 0-9.

I was amazed when I calculated the total and found Joshua had the total write on his piece of paper!

Like a true magician he has not revealed his secret and I am busy trying to work out his method ( the numbers at the bottom is me trying to crack it!)